Big news from the Critical Supply team! We're among the winners of a new initiative to support entrepreneurial efforts in New Zealand.

Our mission at Critical Supply is simple yet impactful. We produce organic, fair-trade instant coffee. Recently, our work earned us recognition from a multimillion-dollar initiative that champions businesses across Aotearoa. These businesses, like us, are addressing social or environmental issues through their products or services.

Brianne West, who launched the popular zero-waste beauty brand Ethique, leads the initiative. She introduced a $20 million fund earlier this year to help entrepreneurs develop their businesses. It's about supporting ventures that seek to create positive change.

Critical Supply, along with startup Come Clean, stood out from over 500 businesses to secure support from this fund. This selection acknowledges the importance of our goal: to offer great coffee that respects both the environment and the hardworking farmers who grow our beans.

We see this recognition as validation of our path and commitment. It tells us that we're moving in the right direction. It's about more than a quality product. It’s also about the positive impact a business can have on the world.

The resources and support from this initiative will help us further our mission. It means that we can reach more people with our fair-trade, organic instant coffee. It’s about staying true to our goal and expanding our impact.

We want to thank everyone who's supported us so far. You've made this journey possible, and this award is as much yours as it is ours.

Here's to a bright future, filled with delicious coffee that does good.

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